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Breast Cancer: Be careful! Breast cancer is increasing in women, check at home by adopting this trick

Breast Cancer: Breast cancer is common in women. We read many things related to breast cancer on Google. This is what happens in breast cancer. it happens. But the biggest question among all this is whether breast cancer can be detected easily? For your information, breast cancer cannot be felt until the tumor is large or cannot be felt. While it is also true that breast cancer is common in women, it is quite different from other cancers. Symptoms of breast cancer include breast pain, dimple formation and inverted nipples. Awareness is being spread about breast cancer. That is why nowadays doctors and health experts are giving great importance to self-examination of breast cancer. He says that if breast cancer is to be avoided then women will have to get themselves examined from time to time. By which they will know whether there is any tumor in their breast or not.

How to do a breast self-examination?

First stand in front of the mirror

If you have any kind of lump or pain in your breast, then stand in front of the mirror. Also try to keep the room light. Now straighten your shoulders. Also, keep your arms relaxed at your side and then examine your breast with your hands. Also check in the mirror whether there is any difference in the size of the breast and also check the size of the breast properly.


How to examine the nipple of the breast?

After breast check the nipple like this. First of all check whether the color of the nipple has changed or not. Does it have any kind of stain? Therefore, try to press the nipple a little from the front. So that it can be known whether white colored water is coming out from it.

check side side also

In breast cancer, it is very important to properly examine not only the breast but also the armpits. So raise your arms and examine your armpits properly. So that if there is any kind of tumor in it, you can easily check it. Examine the armpits and underarms properly.

Check after 3-5 days of period

Breast self-examination is very important but there is also a certain time to do it which will give you better results. If you want to check your breasts yourself, do so 3-5 days after your period. The reason behind this is that breast swelling reduces after 5 days of periods. In this case it’s breast time. Every month after menstruation, take out 10 minutes for yourself and do a proper breast examination. If you test yourself properly, you will know easily.

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