If you want to stay away from some diseases, then body checkup must be done. Experts believe that once a year, from blood sugar to many types of tests, you become alert.

New Delhi: Due to the changing lifestyle and bad eating habits, you must do some medical checkups. Because when many diseases get buried in your body, it is not even known. That is why it is believed that at least once in a year some investigation should be done.

sugar test year

You must get your sugar tested once in a year. Because of today’s lifestyle, the increase of sugar is becoming common. Increased sugar increases the chances of diabetes. You do not have to see such a situation, so definitely get your blood sugar checked.

Hemoglobin test is necessary

It is also very important to get the hemoglobin tested. Hemoglobin test is also known as complete blood test. Let us tell you that this is a type of normal blood test. If there is a lack of iron in your diet, there is a lack of hemoglobin in the body.

get cholesterol checked

Let us tell you that there is a lipid test to get the cholesterol checked. There are two types of cholesterol in your body. Good and Bad. If there is an increase in bad cholesterol in the body, then the chances of heart attack are high. In such a situation, you should definitely get your cholesterol tested.

get thyroid checked

Apart from this, having thyroid is also becoming common. It is also considered a silent killer, because this disease secretly makes any person its victim.

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