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BJP’s Namo Mitra initiative to strengthen support among Dalit voters

Lucknow: Concerned over the shift of Dalit votes towards Samajwadi Party during the recent by-election in Ghosi assembly seat, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has decided to increase its penetration in this community. The party has decided to nominate active workers in every assembly constituency as Namo Mitras who will work among the Dalit community. According to the plan, 100 workers will be enrolled as Namo Mitras in each of the 403 assembly constituencies of UP.
A large number of Dalit voters went to the Samajwadi Party camp.
Let us tell you that in the Ghosi Assembly by-election, a large number of Dalit voters had chosen Samajwadi Party in the absence of Bahujan Samaj Party candidate. While BJP expected the Dalit community to vote for it, the results and the change in voters have surprised it. BJP had managed to garner a major share of Dalit votes in the 2022 assembly elections and this was expected to increase in the coming days. The party was counting on its free ration scheme and the welfare work done for the Dalit community.
According to a senior BJP leader in UP, the Ghosi results have been an eye-opener for the party, which has now decided to focus on Dalit votes. The party will now activate its Dalit leader and enroll new members from this community as Namo Mitras. These Namo Mitras will work only among the Dalit community and make them aware of the work done by the BJP government at the Center and the State. BJP MPs, MLAs, ministers coming from the Dalit community will be asked to visit areas dominated by voters of their caste at regular intervals. To make inroads among the Dalit youth, BJP has decided to organize a felicitation ceremony for the talented students of this community.
Apart from this, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has also prepared an elaborate program to reach out to the members of the Dalit community. The Sangh has decided to send its full-time workers to work in Dalit dominated areas. These full-time workers have been asked to organize community feasts in Dalit, tribal and nomad dominated areas. The Sangh has recently trained a series of activists as part of its centenary celebration workshops, which will not only increase penetration among the Dalit community.

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