Sunday , May 19 2024

BJP will vocally raise public issues in the Assembly: Amar Bauri

Ranchi, 22 February (HS). The BJP legislature party meeting was held on Thursday under the chairmanship of state president Babulal Marandi. In the meeting, Leader of Opposition Amar Bauri, Regional Organization General Secretary Nagendra Nath Tripathi, State Organization General Secretary Karmaveer Singh including Neelkanth Singh Munda, CP Singh, Biranchi Narayan, JP Patel, Raj Sinha, Manish Jaiswal, Amit Mandal, Kedar Hazra, Anant Ojha, Neera Yadav. , Aparna Sen Gupta, Pushpa Devi, Kishun Das, Kedar Hazra, Samri Lal, Koche Munda, Narayan Das, Naveen Jaiswal participated.

In the press briefing after the BJP Legislature Party meeting, Leader of Opposition Amar Kumar Bauri said that the 5th budget session is the last session of this government but it is the first budget session of the Champai government. He said that only 54 percent of the budget amount has been exhausted in this government.

JPSC-JSSC appointments are being sold in this government. The country has seen the anger of the youth many times. Young students are also agitating on the streets in the state. Only eye wash is being done in CIT, the state government is busy saving the big fish by catching small fish. If the Assembly employees are catching it, then its telegram will be found even more. The party will vocally demand a CBI investigation. There is no trust in CIT, the government can present the report by twisting it as per its own. Nothing less than a CBI investigation on this is acceptable to the BJP and the people of the state. Government supported people are involved in rigging and corruption in the Abua Housing Scheme. BJP MLAs should make a strategy to raise all these public issues vocally in the assembly session.