Friday , June 14 2024

BJP will contest Lok Sabha elections under the leadership of Nadda, who will remain president till June 2024

JP Nadda will remain BJP President: The tenure of BJP National President JP Nadda has been extended in the BJP National Executive meeting in Delhi. Nadda has got extension till June 2024. Home Minister Amit Shah announced this in the press conference.

JP Nadda's tenure was ending on January 20.

JP Nadda will hold the post of National President till the Lok Sabha elections. The proposal to extend the tenure of JP Nadda in the BJP National Executive has been approved. BJP will now contest the Lok Sabha elections under his leadership. BJP has set a target of 370 for itself and 400 for NDA. Earlier, JP Nadda was made the working president of BJP in June 2019. After this, on January 30, 2020, he was made the full-time national president. Nadda's tenure was ending on January 20, which has now been extended till June 2024.