Tuesday , June 18 2024

BJP state president Babulal Marandi wrote a letter to Supreme Court lawyer Kapil Sibal

Ranchi, 21 February (HS). BJP state president Babulal Marandi wrote a letter to senior Supreme Court advocate Kapil Sibal on Wednesday. He wrote that surely your name is included in the field of politics along with the famous legal experts of the country, but if there is disagreement with your work, in which even in the advocacy profession, when you did not get the desired decision, you showed politics and opposition. Starts giving.

Marandi has written that during one of your YouTube interviews, it appeared that you were trying hard to become tribal friendly. If so, then Rubika Pahadin (whose husband-loving Ansari brutally murdered her and cut her body into 18 pieces and threw them at different places), Umesh Kachhap (who committed suicide under the pressure of senior corrupt officers) and Inspector Sandhya Toppo. (who were crushed to death by illegal cow smugglers while on duty in a truck carrying cattle) will fight without any fee?

Marandi has written that if you stand with a hundred destitute Dalit-Tribals like them, come by a chartered ship without taking any money and fight for them for free and get justice, then you will be recognized parallel to Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar in the state and people will Later, we will worship you by installing your statue.

Marandi has written that during the interview, you got so lost in praising your client that you did not even remember that with the creation of Jharkhand state, BJP gave me a chance as the first tribal Chief Minister of the state and after that Shibu Soren. And Arjun Munda has also been the Chief Minister of the state. These factless things that you were saying in the presence of Hemant Soren and Hemant Soren was listening to them like a mute spectator without remembering his father, you will not be able to say such things in front of the court and the public.