Wednesday , July 24 2024

Bihar State Dafadar Chowkidar Union staged a sit-in protest

Saharsa, July 10 (HS). Bihar State Dafadar Chowkidar Panchayat Divisional Unit Kosi organized a day-long Dharna in front of Divisional Commissioner on Wednesday regarding their various demands. While addressing the Dharna, National General Secretary Dr. Sant Singh said that Bihar Government should pass a bill in the Legislative Assembly and issue an order for the reinstatement of the retired Dafadar Chowkidar and the dependents of the voluntarily retired Dafadar Chowkidar and demanded an immediate ban on the recruitment being done by publishing advertisements in Arwal district.

State Vice President Ram Vilas Paswan said that even after 34 years, Chowkidar and Dafadar should be given the benefit of ASP MASP and should be promoted to Senior Dafadar. Addressing the Dharna, Tirhut Divisional President Mahesh Rai demanded that the Bank Road Camp Escort Private Residence Duty should be stopped and the Police Station President should be directed to ask the Dafadar Chowkidar to do duty in the beat.

On this occasion, Supaul District President Gajadhar Prasad Yadav and Saharsa District President Mohan Paswan demanded that the Dafadar Chowkidar be paid salary along with the police and uniform allowance be given together. On this occasion, Madhepura District President Shatrughan Sharma addressed the protest and demanded that all demands be met immediately.