Friday , April 19 2024

Biden warned of Israeli military deployment in Gaza, Netanyahu said something like this

The war continues between Israel and Hamas. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The US President has given this warning regarding Israel's military action. A fierce war is going on between Israel and Hamas since October 7. In this war, Israeli soldiers started action on the Rafah border with Egypt. Not only this, Israel also indicated a ground attack. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has warned Netanyahu of taking military action to protect civilians.

In this regard, the White House said that Joe Biden told the Israeli PM on Thursday that there should be no military action on the Rafah border without a credible and enforceable plan to protect Palestinian civilians. There was a second conversation between the two leaders on Thursday in less than a week. Meanwhile, Biden warned Netanyahu against going to the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Apart from this, there was also talk of releasing the hostages.

The war has been going on for more than four months

The war between Israel and Hamas started on October 7 last year. Approximately 1,200 Israeli civilians were killed in the Hamas attack. Meanwhile, two hundred and fifty Israelis were taken hostage. Many of them are still hostage. Israel then declared war and retaliated against Hamas. More than 26 thousand Palestinians have been killed in this war.