Wednesday , July 24 2024

Bhavnathpur MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi acquitted in SC-ST Act, four people punished

Palamu, 20 February (HS). Bhanu Pratap Shahi, MLA of Bhavnathpur of Garhwa district, got a big relief on Tuesday. MP-MLA Court Palamu released him in SC-ST Act case. A few months ago also, MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi had appeared in Palamu Court. After a long hearing in the old case filed against Dr. Vijay Kumar Ram of RMD Cell about 19 years ago, the court ordered his release. The court has found Manoj Pahadia, Upendra Dubey, Manoj Singh and Bhagat Dayanand Yadav guilty in this case and sentenced them to six months imprisonment each. All the above have already served their imprisonment. During the hearing held in Palamu Court on Tuesday, he was acquitted due to lack of credible evidence and the case was found to be politically motivated.

It is noteworthy that in 2006, Dr. Vijay Kumar, posted in Bhavnathpur cell of Garhwa, had lodged an FIR against many people including MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi under various sections including SC-ST Act. During that time, there was a dispute between MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi and Dr. Vijay Kumar regarding the cell quarters. After this controversy, Dr. Vijay Kumar had accused the MLA of using caste indicative words. There was also an allegation of throwing items from the doctor's quarters.

After coming out of the court after being acquitted, MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi's advocate SSP Dev said that the court has acquitted him due to lack of credible evidence, four people have been convicted in other sections of the case. MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi said that he got justice after fighting a long battle. He had full faith in the court and he got justice. He said that somewhere a conspiracy was hatched to trap him.