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Bhangarh Fort was destroyed due to the curse of a sage, know its history!

Bhangarh Fort is an important tourist destination of Rajasthan which attracts people with its history, literary and supernatural scenes. People come here to know about the beauty, history and mysterious stories of this fort. Its history and haunted atmosphere make it romantic and mysterious for Indian tourists. Here are some interesting facts:

place: Bhangarh Fort is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan state, and it is spread amidst the Sariska Sanctuary.

Construction: This fort was built in the 17th century by Raja Madhav Singh, younger brother of Mughal commander Mansingh.


Relationship of Princess Ratnavati with the fort: The story of this haunted fort is related to Princess Ratnavati. It is said that the princess was exceptionally beautiful, which won the heart of a skilled magician versed in black magic. One day, when the princess went shopping with her friends, the magician saw her buying perfume and transformed its scent into a love potion. However, the princess discovered the magician's deception and threw the potion on a nearby stone. As a result, there was a collision between the stone and the magician, resulting in his death.

Before his death, the sorcerer placed a curse on the city, prophesying its imminent destruction, and declaring that no one would be able to live within its premises. Later, the Mughal army attacked and captured the kingdom, and killed all the inhabitants, including Princess Ratnavati.

Bhangarh Fort is considered haunted and is known as one of the most haunted places in the world. It is prohibited to enter it at night and the mysterious activities described in it attract people.

Interesting Environment: The fort complex is famous for its beauty, coolness of the winds and beautiful views of the Aravalli mountain range.


How to reach Bhangarh Fort?

The nearest airport to reach Bhangarh Fort is Jaipur, and it can also be reached by road and rail. Bhangarh Fort is about 80 kilometers from Jaipur.