Ice Cream Like Is, Then berries, nuts And Fresh Cream Of with Ice Cream create And And Delicious twist Give. Jamun Antioxidants, mineralsAnd Vitamins Of goodness From fill would have been Huh, that oxidative From save Huh. Reality In, This Ice Cream To eat From To you flashing skin And reverseAging Too mill could Is, Delicious berry Ice Cream make And Friends And family Of with its Pleasure pick up of Time Is. So today hee This Trydo And Pleasure Take it

1 1/2 cup Jamun

1 cup plain Greek Yogurt

1 cup Fresh Cream

1 small spoon Vanilla essence

2 elder spoon ground Hui Groundnut

1 Water Need according

phase 1/4 berry jam create

This Easy Recipe To Start to do Of For1 1/2 cup miscellaneous Jamun Take it If You dried Jamun From berry Ice Cream made are Huh, So them 30 minutesOf For little warm Water In soaked give And jam made Take it

phase 2/4 mix

jam make Of For, One pan take And in that Jamun of mix insert, in that Water, Sugar insert And Then until shaking stay when until That This Onehomogeneous Stability Received nor do Take. flame off do give And cold having give, Then From Blend do And One Side keep Give.

phase 3/4 Cream To whisk do

Its Afterwards, One Big bowl take And in that 1 cup cold fresh Creamhandjob 1 cup Greek Yogurt And 1 spoon Vanilla essence insert, One whisker of Useby doing, mix To foamy And creamy having until Throw it

phase 4 / 4 Garnish do,

One And 15 minutes Of For Ongoing keep And 2 elder spoon Honey And miscellaneous berry jam insert, And 15 minutes Of For beat, This Ice Cream tin Ininsert, Ice Cream To 7 hours Of For freeze do And This Jamun Of with serve,

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