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Bedspread with faith at Malang Baba's tomb, Qawwali performed Shaman – News India Live

Araria, 17 February (Hindustan Reporter). A program of Chadar Poshi and Qawwali was organized with faith in the court of Malang Baba Data cum Heir located in Keshari Tola of Forbesganj.

Baba's shrine, which is the center of faith for both Hindus and Muslims, including DSP Khusru Siraj, witnessed a large number of devotees gathering from the country's metropolitan cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ajmer, Lucknow and Devashrif, as well as from the neighboring country Nepal. Devotees, immersing themselves in the atmosphere of faith, were seen covering the tomb of Malang Baba with a sheet. There was a huge crowd of devotees to see the tomb. The process of making wishes by offering sheets and flowers continued. During this, an attractive tableau was presented.

During this, the patriotism-filled Qawwali presentation by the people who had come from the metropolitan cities forced the devotees to dance. The sweetness of mutual harmony of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood was visible on the Qawwali of Mother and Allah together. During this time, more than one A tableau was presented which remained the center of attraction. The men, women and children were dressed in white clothes and had white turbans on their foreheads. The tomb was decorated with flowers for the annual Urs Mubarak program and the Qawwal who came from Lucknow sang the praises of Mata Rani and Malang Baba. In the glory of K.K., she kept presenting captivating qawwali.

It is believed that after paying obeisance at this shrine, people do not return empty handed and their wishes are fulfilled. 19 years ago, the Dhanawat family had received information about the existence of the tomb in a dream. At present, every dust of the shrine is being used by the devotees by applying tilak. There is such a demand of faith that every wish of the people gets fulfilled here. A large number of people from Hindu Muslim community were present on the spot.