Thursday , April 18 2024

Bairstow's shameful record, out on zero most number of times against India

Jonny Bairstow was out without opening the account in the third Test being played against India in Rajkot. Kuldeep Yadav showed Bairstow the way to the pavilion. With this 'duck' against India, the English batsman has made a very shameful record in his name. Bairstow has now become the batsman who has been out without opening an account the most number of times in Tests against India.

Bairstow made a shameful record

Bairstow left many bowlers behind in this unwanted record. Bowlers often come last to bat and due to not having much experience in batting, they often get out without opening the account. But being a batsman, Bairstow has gone ahead of him in this unwanted record. Through the Rajkot Test, Bairstow was out for the 8th time in Tests against India.

Bairstow also left behind former Pakistan spinner Danish Kaneria and current Australian spinner Nathan Lyon. Kaneria was out seven times in Test matches against India in his career. Apart from this, Nathan Lyon has also been out without opening the account 7 times in the Test against India. Kaneria has been victim in 15 innings and Lyon in 40 innings. The names of many legendary bowlers are included in this list, among which Bairstow is at the top.

Players who were out on 'Duck' in Test against India

  • Jonny Bairstow (England) – 8 naught in 37 innings
  • Danish Kaneria (Pakistan) – 7 nil in 15 innings
  • Nathan Lyon (Australia) – 7 outs in 40 innings
  • James Anderson (England) – 6 outs in 52 innings
  • Mervyn Dhillon (West Indies) – 6 outs in 15 innings
  • Shane Warne (Australia) – 6 wickets in 22 innings.

flopped in the series against India

Let us tell you that Jonny Bairstow has been a flop so far in the five-match Test series being played between India and England. In the first Test of the series played in Hyderabad, Bairstow scored 37 and 10 runs respectively. After this, in the second test played in Visakhapatnam, Bairstow could score only 25 and 26 runs respectively. Now in the first innings of the third Test being played in Rajkot, the English batsmen were out without opening their account.