Friday , April 19 2024

Baba Venga's prediction of 2024 is coming true, know what is the connection with Russia?

Baba Vanga 2024 Prediction: Baba Vanga's true and accurate predictions are watched by people all over the world. Many of his predictions have come true. He also made many predictions for the year 2024. The special thing is that many of these predictions seem to be coming true. Let us tell you which prediction of Baba Venga is proving to be true.

cancer vaccine in russia

Baba Venga has claimed to make a cancer vaccine in Russia by the year 2024. Now work on this vaccine has started in Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin had recently said that the scientists of his country are going to make a cancer vaccine. Scientists are very close to this. The vaccine may soon be available for patients.

We are very close to developing a cancer vaccine and new generation immunomodulatory drugs, Putin said. Although Putin did not specify which types of cancer the vaccine would work on, the Russian President is hopeful that it will be used effectively in the medical field.

prediction of economic crisis

Along with this, Baba Venga has also predicted economic crisis in the year 2024. Due to this financial crisis the global economy will also be affected. Now it seems that his prediction is also proving true. Britain has been in recession since the end of last year. There is still no improvement in the British economy. GDP has declined for two consecutive quarters. At the same time, Japan's economy has also been greatly affected. In the last three months of last year, Japan's GDP shrank by 0.4 percent compared to a year earlier.

Warning of terrorist attacks and natural disasters

Baba Venga also made many other predictions for the year 2024. He warned of terrorist attacks, biological weapons testing, major weather events and natural disasters in Europe. He also talked about the increase in cyber attacks this year. He also predicted major breakthroughs in quantum computing.

Who was Baba Venga?

Baba Venga lived in Bulgaria, Europe. He was born in the year 1911. Baba Venga lost the sight of both his eyes at the age of just 12. Baba Venga died in August 1996. He has made predictions up to the year 5079 before his death.