Monday , May 20 2024

Azerbaijan strengthening ties with Israel amid opposition from other Muslim countries

As a result of Israel's ongoing conflict with Hamas, most of the Muslim countries in the world are adopting anti-Israel attitude, but there is one Muslim country in the world which is supporting Israel and increasing trade with it.

The name of this country is Azerbaijan. There is a border dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia and Israel is already on Azerbaijan's side. Due to which Azar Baijan is doing business with Israel.

According to data announced by Azerbaijan, Israel has sold crude oil worth $297 million to Azerbaijan so far in the year 2024. Which is much higher than other countries.

Recently there was a meeting between Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev in Germany. After this, in the statement issued by Azerbaijan, it has been said that trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation has been considered between Israel and Azerbaijan.

While Muslim countries are opposing Israel, Azerbaijan is openly supporting Israel and in return is buying weapons from it.

Even after the Gaza War, Azerbaijan has adopted a policy of maintaining relations with Israel. Because Israel is providing advanced weapons to Azerbaijan to fight Armenia.

On the other hand, opposition to Israel and especially Jews is increasing in Armenia and Israel's Ministry for Citizens Living in Other Countries says that anti-Semitism is growing alarmingly in Armenia and the reason behind this is the decision to give Azerbaijan. Are weapons. Israel.