Friday , April 19 2024

Autism is a disability related to neurodevelopment: Dr. Yashwant Rao

Kanpur, 02 April (HS). An awareness program was organized on World Autism Day by the Kanpur branch of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and Pushp Khanna Memorial Center on Tuesday at Pushp Khanna Memorial Center, Azad Nagar.

In the program, Dr. Yashwant Rao told that autism is a disability related to neuro-development which affects the social, communication and behavioral skills of the child in many ways. One in 160 children in the world is affected by autism. Symptoms of autism start appearing in children at the age of 2 to 3 years, such as being lost in themselves and remaining silent, not making eye contact, not reacting when their name is called, not responding during conversation. Not taking any interest, not liking any new change, doing the same thing again and again etc.

Pediatrics Academy Secretary Dr. Amitesh Yadav said that about 7 crore people in the world and 1 crore people in India are affected by autism. There is no complete cure available, but with its early identification and modern medical methods like occupational therapy, speech therapy etc., it has become possible to improve the quality of life by reducing the severity of the condition to a great extent.

Dr. Neha Aggarwal said that there is a huge lack of awareness among doctors, paramedical staff and society regarding autism, due to which not all cases are detected at the right time and often proper treatment is not available. Center's Managing Director Ruma Chaturvedi, Dr. Sina and a large number of parents and children were present in the program.

Second program: An awareness program was organized for children and their parents at Dr. Sunil Taneja's clinic in Swarup Nagar. A painting competition was also organized in the program for Autism affected children and prizes were distributed by IAP officials to the winning students. Dr. Sunil Taneja, Pediatric Academy President Dr. Yashwant Rao, Secretary Dr. Amitesh Yadav, Dr. Neha Aggarwal and mother were prominently present in the program.