Friday , June 14 2024

Attention iPhone users! Apple issued a big warning, do not make this mistake with your iPhone

iPhone users beware! For years, the first thing smartphone users do after getting water in their phone is to place their device in a bag filled with rice. However, a recent information from Apple suggests that this home-made technology could cause more damage to iPhones.

An Apple document states, 'Do not place your iPhone in a bag of rice. By doing this, small particles of rice can damage your iPhone.

What to do if iPhone gets wet?

Apple recommends that to dry your iPhone, gently tap the device with your hand with the connector facing down to remove any water. After this, keep your phone in a dry, ventilated place and after 30 minutes start charging it with USB-C or Lightning connector. The company suggests that it may take up to 24 hours for the iPhone to dry completely and users may see water alerts on the phone during that time.

Apple said, 'You do not need to charge your iPhone when it is wet. However, if you reconnect your iPhone with a cable or accessory, you still have the option to charge the phone in an emergency.

Apple also warns users not to use a hair dryer or other type of air to remove water. The company also advises users not to use any other foreign objects such as cotton swabs or paper towels in the connector.