As soon as you conceive, it becomes certain that these things of the life of the baby

A girl has to play her role in many forms in a life. The most important relationship is formed when she gives birth to a child. It is the relationship of the mother that completes her life. Every woman has a desire to become a mother. Lucky is the woman who gets the happiness of motherhood.

Know these things:

# When a woman conceives, the first thing that comes in her mind about her baby is that what will be the life span of her baby. He will be with his mother for a long time.

After the conception of a woman, the second thing in the mind of a woman is related to the wealth and knowledge in her life towards her child, how much wealth and knowledge she will get in her life.

# The third thing of the baby in the womb is that what will be his goal, what will he become after achieving it.

# The last and fourth thing is the end of his life when he will leave this world.