Monday , May 20 2024

Apple will launch smart ring, will compete with Samsung Galaxy Ring

Apple is famous worldwide for its iPhones, tablets and smartwatches. Now this American brand is also preparing to add smart ring to its product portfolio. This smart ring will take care of the health of the users. Users wearing this smart ring will be able to track their fitness. The launch of this ring will create a new competition in the global market against Samsung Galaxy Ring as well as bot and noisy smart rings.

What would Apple's ring look like?

According to the latest report from ETNews, Apple has filed a patent for its first smart ring. Which shows that Apple's first smart ring will have touch and built-in display, accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate sensor. Apart from this, short range wireless communication support will also be available in this watch, through which users will be able to connect. His iPhone is in the ring.

Even before this, in November 2023, the company had filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the electronic system used in the smart ring.

When will the smart ring be launched?

Apple has not yet given any information about the launch of its Ring. But the leak claims that Apple may launch its first smart ring sometime by the end of 2024. However, there is no information yet about the price of this ring.

Smart ring will be made of premium material

As far as design is concerned, this smart ring will be made of premium materials like titanium or ceramic. There is also discussion that this smart ring of Apple will be water resistant and dust proof.

Gestures can be controlled

Although the company has not officially given information about its ring, but it is discussed that this ring can be controlled through gestures. Equipped with a touch sensitive surface, this ring can be controlled with gestures with haptic feedback, like other Apple products.

Samsung, Ring of Noise is already in the market

It is worth noting that the smart ring segment is still new for the users. But companies like Samsung, Noise and Bot have already launched their rings in the market. If Apple also launches a new SmartRing, then these companies will have to face tough competition.