Friday , April 19 2024

Apologize and say, I will not say anything again on this condition, Army PM Imran. Offered the post

Islamabad: The struggle to form a government is still going on in Pakistan. It is learned that a few days ago there was a conversation between the army and Imran Khan. In this, the army presented Imran Khan for the post of Prime Minister. But it didn't happen.

A week has passed since the election results were declared in Pakistan, but the government has not been formed yet. On one hand, Nawaz Sharif's party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) is preparing for the coronation of Shahbaz Sharif. At that time, Imran Khan's party PTI had declared Omar Ayub as its candidate for the post of Prime Minister. This time PTI did not even get a symbol in the co-liberal elections. Therefore his party members contested the elections as independents. He won 93 seats. This is the largest number. After that, Nawaz Sharif's party has been at second position. He won 75 seats. PPP is at third place, it has got 54 seats.

It is being said that the decision to make Shahbaz Sharif the PM was taken only with the consent of the army. Nawaz Sharif also agreed to this. Therefore P.M.L.N. And PPP formed an alliance. PTI is playing its stake in that. Not only this, according to a report in Pakistan's newspaper The News, the army had also offered Imran Khan the post of PM. The condition was also that he should apologize for the violence that took place on May 9 last year and also promise that he would never say anything against the army, although this deal did not materialize. Former Defense Secretary of Pakistan Naeem Khalid Lodhi said that this deal was discussed. The army indirectly communicated with Imran Khan. In a message sent to him, the army asked him to admit that he had planned the May 9 violence, apologize for it and say it would not happen again. Lodhi said that Imran's answer was a show. Imran Khan said that he will remove those who are accused of violence. Action will also be taken against him, but he did not admit that he had any role in the violence. Well, the talks broke down on this issue.

It is known that a resolution was presented against the Imran Khan government in the National Assembly of Pakistan. Imran Khan's party was defeated in this. Then there was a coup in the party. Imran Khan was prosecuted and his arrest led to massive riots in Lahore. Rawalpindi Army Headquarters was also attacked. Since then, Imran has been on the radar of the army. However, the majority of citizens in Pakistan are supporters of Imran. After their party was declared invalid by the Election Commission, PTI members and supporters contested the elections with their respective symbols and won 93 seats.