If you take the name of Anu Kapoor, the first thing you remember is Antakshari coming on TV. A small game which Anu Kapoor had made something different in her own unique style. Apart from TV, Anu Kapoor did a lot of work in films. It is not known where 40 years have passed while working. But they say that only the one on whom it passes, knows. Anu Kapoor remembers these 40 years very well because this journey was not as easy for her as it seems after seeing her on the silver screen. A long struggle that continues till today. It is not us but Anu Kapoor herself has said in an interview.

I only work for money
Anu Kapoor will soon be seen in Prime Video’s web series Crash Course. So he is currently busy promoting the series. In connection with this, in an interview, the actor spoke openly on many issues. He clearly said that he works only for money. Even after 40 years, he is still struggling. Even today, they have to struggle for better work. Anu Kapoor told that many times she also took those roles for money which she never liked. But to feed the family, he agreed to those roles. The actor also told that he feels sad to do such a role but what can he do.
I am not Shahrukh – Salman
In a matter of things, Anu Kapoor has also tightened the taunt on Bollywood. He told how stardom is still heavy on everyone. They are not Shahrukh-Salman, so they can’t be chuji, they have to do every role so that their house keeps running. Anu Kapoor told for the first time that he never wanted to do TV but he was forced to do that too.