Thursday , April 18 2024

Anti-Valentine Week 2024: Anti-Valentine Week begins, after love now is the time to fight

Anti-Valentine Week 2024 List: The month of February is considered the month of love. When the breeze of spring mixes with the breeze of love. Valentine Week is celebrated for a week in this month and then with Valentine's Day, your love is taken to a different level. Loving couples wait for Valentine's Day the whole year.

This week of love does not end just with Valentine's Day. After this the couples celebrate Anti-Valentine Week. Yes, you heard that right. If you do not get along with your partner, there has been a dispute or someone has not accepted your proposal or you have been cheated in love, then celebrate Anti-Valentine Week this time.

Let us know when Anti-Valentine Week 2024 starts and which special days are celebrated during this week.

Anti-Valentine Week 2024 Calendar

Slap Day: 15 February

Kick off day: 16th February

Perfume Day: 17 February

Flirt day: 18th February

Confession Day: 19 February

Date of disappearance: 20 February

Breakup Day: 21st February

Slap Day:

Slap Day is celebrated on the first day of Anti-Valentine Week. If a couple is not happy with each other or is upset about something, they can vent their anger through a slap day. However, there is no need to be too aggressive in this because this day is celebrated only as a symbol.

Kick Day:

Kick Day is celebrated on 16 February. Do not kick your partner on this day, rather remove from your life those reasons which bother you mentally. Decide to remove from your life every bad thing that increases your stress.

Perfume Day:

Every year 17 February is celebrated as Perfume Day. On this day, couples who want to end their relationship with each other gift perfume to the other person.

Flirt day:

People celebrate 18th February as Flirt Day. On this day they come out of their old relationships and prepare themselves to give a chance to someone new in their life. On this day people focus on starting their new relationship with someone by flirting.

Confession Day:

The fifth day of Anti-Valentine Week i.e. 19th February is celebrated as Confession Day. This day gives you a chance to accept your mistakes. Man can never lie to himself and deceive himself. He himself knows how right and how wrong he is. On this day you should express everything hidden in your heart.

Missing days:

Anti-Valentine Week is not just about controversies. If your partner is away from you or is angry with you, then tell him how much you miss him. You can send them memories of the happy moments that both of you spent together.

Breakup day:

The last day of Anti-Valentine is celebrated as Breakup Day. If you feel that your relationship cannot move forward then you can 'end' your relationship on this day. You can breakup with the consent of your partner and move ahead in life.