Saturday , April 13 2024

Angry Congress MLAs are preparing strategy, Minister Basant Soren came to persuade

Ranchi, 17 February (HS). Angry Congress MLAs are preparing further strategy on Saturday at Hotel Raso located in Birsa Chowk. These include MLA Deepika Singh Pandey, Amba Prasad, Dr. Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Kachhap, Bhushan Bara, Umashankar Akela, Sona Ram Sinku, Kumar Jaimangal Singh alias Anoop Singh and others. Meanwhile, Minister Basant Soren has come to pacify the angry MLAs.

MLA Sona Ram Sinku said while talking to journalists that no solution was found in the meeting held with the state in-charge. A solution will have to be found. If the high command wants then anything is possible. Earlier also there was talk of removing all four ministers. There was talk about a new face but suddenly on February 16, the old people were included in the cabinet. MLA Amba Prasad said that we have already put all the things before the media. All our friends have gathered. We will go out together. First there are preparations to go to Delhi and then somewhere else.

MLA Rajesh Kachhap said that we all are sitting and brainstorming. Will convey his feelings to the national leadership of the party. The high command had instructions on 16th February that all of us should go to the swearing-in ceremony. We all followed the instructions of the national leadership. Now the high command will also have to listen to our words. There are parents in every house and children inform their parents about their feelings.

It is noteworthy that out of 17 Congress MLAs, 12 are angry. The reason for their displeasure is regarding the repetition of former Congress ministers.