Friday , June 14 2024

Angered by not getting justice in the conversion case, the family demanded euthanasia

Kanpur, 20 February (Hindustan Reporter). The entire family of the father of the minor child, who pleaded for justice in the religious conversion case, sat on a fast unto death in front of the Police Commissioner's office on Tuesday and demanded euthanasia.

Akhilesh, who is on fast, says that Kanpur Police is not doing justice. Due to which he has requested for euthanasia along with his family. He told that he is sending a letter to the President requesting euthanasia along with the entire family.

It is noteworthy that last October, a private school teacher under Kanpur Cantt police station was accused of religious conversion. The victim's family had given a written complaint to the police station. Akhilesh had complained that a female teacher of the school, her husband and the woman's brother were sexually harassing his child and trying to convert him by putting pressure on him. The female teacher used to talk to the children on social media ID, some excerpts of which were attached as screenshots and a complaint was filed.