Thursday , June 20 2024

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Jaunpur, May 19 (HS). Home Minister Amit Shah, who came to address the election rally in favor of BP Saroj at Madiyahu in Machhilishahr Lok Sabha constituency on Sunday, attacked the opposition fiercely. Amit Shah continued to attack the opposition in his speech of about 25 minutes.

Amit Shah asked the public from the stage whether brothers and sisters, this Kashmir is ours or not, but Kharge ji says that what do the people of UP and Rajasthan have to do with Kashmir. Shah further said that Kharge ji, you have crossed the age of 80. You have not been able to know this country. Every child here can sacrifice his life for Kashmir. PM Modi removed Article 370 from Kashmir as soon as he came into his second term. Now the tricolor flag is installed at Lal Chowk. Rahul Baba and Indi alliance say that if we come to the government, we will again restore Article 370 in Kashmir.

Earlier these same people used to say that if you disturb Article 370, rivers of blood will flow. Rahul Baba, five years have passed and I haven't had the courage to move even a single bangle. This is Modi's government.

Referring to the Pulwama attack, Shah said that when there was Sonia-Manmohan's government, bombs used to explode every day. But when Modi's government came, once Pakistan resorted to violence in Pulwama, but within 36 hours we entered Pakistan's house. Answered him. The terrorists were eliminated by surgical strike. Amit Shah said that it is Modi who worked to bring India's economy from 11th to 5th position.

Amit Shah said, 'I want to ask Rahul Baba and Akhilesh Yadav from Madiyahu, what did your government give to Uttar Pradesh in 10 years.' Shah said- 'I am also a businessman's son, I have brought complete accounts. These people had given four lakh ninety thousand crore rupees to Uttar Pradesh for 10 years. Whereas Modi has given Rs 19 lakh 11 thousand crore. With this money, metro service and many industries were set up in Uttar Pradesh. Amit Shah enumerated the achievements of the government in the last 10 years from the stage.

Referring to the corona vaccine, Amit Shah said that during the corona period, everyone was given free vaccination. Not a single penny was taken from anyone. These people used to say that this is Modi vaccine. Even after that, Rahul Baba took his sister Priyanka along and quietly got vaccinated in the dark. These people do politics even in such a pandemic. Amit Shah said that even if the Indi alliance government is formed, who will become their Prime Minister. Taking names, he said Sharad Pawar, Mamta Banerjee? Then jokingly said, should I tell you one more name? You won't laugh, right? He said – can Rahul Baba become?

Samajwadi Party had done the work of firing bullets on kar sevaks during the Ram Mandir movement. Congress was in government for 70 years but did it ever mention the construction of Ram temple? Modi got the Ram temple constructed in just five years and everyone saw the grand consecration program. The invitation for Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha went to Rahul, Priyanka, Sonia and Akhilesh but they did not come.

Amit Shah did not stop here, he said that he did not come because his vote bank is these infiltrators. He did not come because of them. We ended triple talaq. We have brought CAA. This is to give citizenship to Hindu refugees. He said that the Congress party is spreading a lie that if Modi comes this time, he will end the reservation. Have we done this in the last 10 years? Amit Shah said- I assure that as long as there is even a single BJP MP, we will not touch reservation. He said that the old governments worked to cut reservation. He has given five percent reservation to Muslims. Make Modi the Prime Minister for the third time, he will end Muslim reservation and give it to SC-ST-OBC.

Shah said that Congress wants division of the country. He wants to divide it into two pieces again. Want to divide it between South India and North India. Bharatiya Janata Party will never allow the division of this country.