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Amit Shah Bihar Visit: Will Nitish Kumar’s government fall in Bihar? A statement by Amit Shah created an uproar

Amit Shah Bihar trip: Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited Bihar on Saturday (September 16). Addressing a party rally at Zanzarpur in Madhubani district here, a senior BJP leader predicted early elections in Bihar. He also attacked Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.




Amit Shah said, I am aware of all the problems (infiltration, land grabbing, illegal trade) on the Bihar border. I assure you that elections will be held in Bihar soon and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government will be formed under the leadership of PM Modi. From this claim of the Union Home Minister, it is important to know whether there is any threat to Nitish Kumar’s government and what is the current situation of Bihar Assembly.

Assembly of Bihar Legislative Assembly

122 seats are mandatory to form the government in the 243-member Bihar Assembly. Currently, there is a grand coalition government in the state consisting of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), Janata Dal United (JDU), Congress, Communist Party of India (CPI), CPI (Marxist–Leninist), Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPIM). Are. ) means that the Grand Alliance has a total of 160 seats including 79 from RJD, 45 from JDU, 19 from Congress, 12 from CPI-Marxist-Leninist, 2 each from CPI and CPIM and one independent MLA.

Is the grand alliance government in danger?

Among the opposition parties in the state, BJP has 78 seats, Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) has 4 seats. AIMIM has one seat. Looking at the current equation of the Assembly, Nitish government does not see any threat. Although no one knows what will happen in politics, but at present the Grand Alliance government is safe.

Nitish Kumar left NDA

The last assembly elections in Bihar were held in the year 2020 in which Nitish Kumar was with the BJP-led NDA. After winning the elections, NDA formed the government and Nitish Kumar was elected Chief Minister. However, in August last year, Nitish Kumar’s party separated from the NDA and joined the Grand Alliance. After which a grand alliance government was formed in Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. The next elections in the state are to be held in the year 2025.

Amit Shah took a jibe at the Chief Minister

The Union Home Minister also took a dig at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in the rally on Saturday and said that incidents of kidnapping, firing, looting, killing of journalists and Dalits are increasing in Bihar. This selfish alliance is the worst alliance ever formed. This is going to take Bihar back towards jungle raj. Lalu Yadav is active again, Nitish Kumar is inactive so you can understand how Bihar will be.

Nitish Kumar hit back

Nitish Kumar also hit back at Amit Shah’s statement. He said, “Amit Shah says anything. We do not pay attention to his statement. How much development is taking place in Bihar, do they know what is happening in the country? Some parties are uniting, that is why they are nervous.

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