Wednesday , July 17 2024

America's big step after the conflict in the Red Sea, Iran-backed Houthis declared 'global terrorists' again – News India Live

Israel vs Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas caused by Yemen's Houthi rebels, who support the Gaza and Palestine issue, has caused huge losses to the US and its allies. The back-to-back attacks in the Red Sea severely affected the movement of merchant ships and resulted in huge losses to countries trading through the Red Sea waterways. Amidst all this, America and its allies have also started air strikes on Houthi rebels to control them. Now America has taken a big step in this direction.

Iran-backed Houthis again declared terrorist organization

The United States has now officially designated Yemen's Houthi organizations as a global terrorist group. It is being told that America has taken this step when Houthis were continuously attacking American and British ships in the night sea.

America captured Houthi ship

According to US Central Command, a ship controlled by the Houthis was seized by the US Coast Guard. It is being claimed that the ship was of Iranian origin and was going to Yemen. It contains information about sending illegal weapons and military equipment. More than 200 packages were seized by the U.S. Coast Guard. The Houthi-controlled ship is reported to be carrying medium-range ballistic missiles, an explosive missile launching system and communications equipment, according to US Central Command.