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America: Will Donald Trump be arrested? Trump himself made a shocking claim

America : Former US President Donald Trump can be arrested anytime. Surprisingly, the apprehension of arrest has been expressed by none other than Donald Trump himself. He has posted on social media about the possible arrest. Trump has claimed that he can be arrested next March 21-Tuesday.

Former US President Donald Trump said that Manhattan prosecutors are preparing to indict him in the hush money case. Claiming his arrest on social media, Donald Trump has called upon his supporters to protest. He will be charged with alleged secret payments made to former President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. In this regard, he has to appear in Manhattan court on Tuesday. He has claimed that he will be arrested the same day.

Trump believes he may be impeached because he thinks Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brock hates him. In his post, he claimed that illegal leaks from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office indicated that the leading Republican candidate and former US President would be arrested on Tuesday next week.

Very tight security arrangements have been made for Trump’s speech on Tuesday. Significantly, this will be the first time in American history that charges will be framed against a former President in any case.

Indeed, a New York grand jury is probing Trump’s involvement in a $1.30 million payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016. It is alleged that the payment was made so that Daniels would remain silent about her alleged sexual relationship with Republican leader Trump.

Donald Trump will contest the presidential election for the third time in 2024, Biden got angry as soon as the candidature was announced

Former US President Donald Trump is going to contest the election once again. Trump has decided to contest the presidential election again in 2024. He has also announced his candidature. Trump had also indicated this recently. He had recently said that he would once again contest the elections and would soon make his intentions clear to the public.

He will run for the presidency for the third time

Trump lost to Joe Biden in the last election. He will run for the presidency for the third time in 2024. Announcing his candidature, the former President said that this time his election campaign would be completely different from the last two times. Trump said that he is announcing his candidacy for the presidency of the United States tonight. He said that he wants to bring back the power and shine of America to the whole world.

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