Saturday , July 13 2024

Ameesha Patel claims that Gaddar 2 was saved from the sewer by me and Sunny

Mumbai: Actress Ameesha Patel has claimed that filmmaker Anil Sharma had taken a lot of trouble in the making of 'Gaddar 2'. Sunny Deol and I saved the film from getting ruined by doing a lot of reshoots, editing and almost ghost direction.

According to Amisha's claim, Anil Sharma's intentions were not very good. He wanted to make this film completely bad. But Sunny and I made many creative changes in it.

According to him, neither I nor Sunny Deol were happy with the way the film was being made. On the set, both of us had to act almost like a ghost director, facing a lot of creative challenges. How much reshoots had to be done.

According to Ameesha's claim, many scenes, songs and choreography of the film were also prepared as per the creative inputs from Sunny Deol.

It is worth noting that when 'Gaddar 2' became a success, Amisha Patel had given a very controversial statement for Anil Sharma. She also said that the staff and crew members of the film were not paid on time.