Friday , June 14 2024

Ambani-Adani are seen not backward, Dalit, tribal in Ram temple: Rahul Gandhi

Rae Bareli, 20 February (Hindustan Reporter). Rahul Gandhi, who reached mother Sonia Gandhi's parliamentary constituency on Tuesday in the Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, attacked the central and state governments. During the meeting in the super market of the city, he said that it is the backward people, Dalits and tribals in the Ram temple, not Modi, Ambani, Adani. You will only be seen because your place is to beg on the streets. Rahul Gandhi said that your job is to go on the streets in India and show such posters. His job is to count money. Your children pay GST. You will have to come forward for caste census for your rights.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi called the young man who was showing the poster to him and asked his name. He asked which caste do you come from? Pointing towards the poster, he said that he should know the meaning of OBC and SC written in it. He said that 50 percent of the population is OBC. 15 percent of the population is SC and eight percent is tribal population. The total should be 73 percent. Despite this you are roaming around with posters. 73 percent of our work is to create your future. You are threatened 24 hours a day. Roads are closed. There are 200 big companies in the country. The owner of any company is not OBC, AC or tribal. Dalits, backward people and tribals are being harassed 24 hours in this country. This is the truth of the country. India's biggest company is not owned by 73 percent of the population. Get the list of MNREGA and OBC, SC and tribals will be visible in it.

Pointing towards the youth holding the posters, he said that you are the one who leaked the paper. Let me tell you the reason for its leak. In your place, small children are told that if you study, you will get jobs here and there in IAS, IPS and Railways. Son, you read it. Five-six lakh rupees are taken out of your father's pocket and given to private schools and coaching centers for IAS and IPS. After this the paper gets leaked. Only five percent people get jobs after the paper is leaked. Your job is to roam around with such posters. This is not your future. Know your population by conducting caste census. This will show how many of you are in the big companies of the country. After this this poster will not be needed. There is talk of Ram temple. You have to take your rights. Its first step is caste census. Justice is involved in Nyay Yatra because injustice is being done against you.

Many senior leaders including state president Ajay Rai, Aradhana Mishra, KL Sharma were present along with Rahul Gandhi in the Nyaya Yatra. There was tight security during this period.