Friday , April 19 2024

Akhilesh will not leave Kannauj, war will be declared after Eid

Kannauj, 02 April (HS). SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav reached Kannauj on Tuesday. Here he addressed the officials at the party office. There were speculations regarding Akhilesh's visit that he might announce the Lok Sabha candidate from Kannauj. But even today Akhilesh did not announce the name of the candidate but hinted that he himself would contest from here. However, Akhilesh has said that this matter will be discussed after Eid.

During Akhilesh's address in the party office, former MP Chhote Singh, resident of Chhibramau, Kannauj, stopped him by holding the mike. The former MP told Akhilesh, say that you will contest elections from Kannauj but Akhilesh turned the matter around by saying who is leaving Kannauj?

The workers welcomed Akhilesh Yadav in the party office by garlanding him with 51 kg garland. Along with Akhilesh, former minister Shivkumar Baria was also present on the stage. In his address, Akhilesh fiercely attacked the BJP government. Akhilesh said at the party office, the government is not able to compete with the development of socialists in Kannauj. The socialists did the most development work here. We had set up the world's most modern cow milk plant here. But the BJP government got it closed. We had brought former President APJ Abdul Kalam to set up a solar plant. Due to which farmers were getting free electricity. But the government got that closed too. The perfumes here are famous in the world. Perfume business worth lakhs of crores is done here. We went to France to take it forward. Had seen the technology there. Which was to be implemented in Kannauj. But the BJP government ruined that too.

Government closed down income enhancing plants

Taking a dig at Adani's warehouse in Jasoda, Kannauj, Akhilesh said that the plants which increase the income of farmers were closed by the government. Got the plants of big industrialists started. A special potato market was created in Kannauj for purchasing the crop directly from the farmers, but the BJP made a mess of it and got it closed as well.

BJP's farewell will be held with great pomp

BJP people say that we will become Vishwa Guru. On the other hand, youth are committing suicide due to unemployment. Brajesh Pal, resident of Bhudpurva village of Kannauj, committed suicide due to unemployment. We have read his entire suicide note. A student from Firozabad hanged herself due to exam leak.

60 lakh youth of UP have been affected by the exam leak. If you do the work of connecting those affected families with the Samajwadi Party, then it will not be difficult to win the Lok Sabha seat. This time the BJP members will bid farewell with much fanfare. BJP people will not win beyond 400 seats but will lose on 400 seats.

NDA alliance has to lose 80 out of 80 seats.

India alliance and our PDA became famous. Since then some people started copying this famous brand. A fake brand has also emerged on the lines of PDA. Due to which socialists have to be careful. NDA alliance has to defeat 80 out of 80 seats in UP. Every farmer here will work to defeat BJP in the elections. Because BJP had talked about doubling the income of farmers. But the income did not double. The government also lagged behind in purchasing potatoes from farmers. If there was SP government, a factory for making liquor from potatoes would have been set up in Kannauj by now and hundreds of youth would have got employment.