Tuesday , June 18 2024

Air India Express brings great Express Lite offer for passengers, check immediately before traveling

Air India Express In such a situation, Air India Express has come up with a special offer for its passengers, in which you will get huge savings on every booking. However, for this you will have to carry less luggage with you in the journey. Let us know what is this scheme of Air India Express.

air india express express lite offer

Air India Express on Tuesday launched a special Express Lite offer, in which passengers can take only cabin bags with them. Airlines will charge less fare than normal tickets from these passengers without check-in bags. For example, suppose the starting price of a Bengaluru to Delhi flight is Rs 6195, then passengers in Express Lite will have to pay around Rs 5145 for the same ticket. This fare may vary on different routes.

These facilities will be available in Express Lite

Air India Express said that with Express Lite, passengers will get huge discounts on every flight booking. Apart from this, you will also get rid of the long queues at check-in due to no check-in bags.

As per flight rules, passengers can carry cabin bags up to 7 kg in Air India Express. But if you have booked in advance then you can carry a cabin bag up to 7+3 kg inside the flight.