Friday , June 14 2024

AI News: How much do you sleep at night? This is how you will know

People can tell by looking at your face how well you sleep at night. People often look at the freshness of your face and eyes and ask whether you did not sleep well at night, but now AI will tell by looking at your movements how long you slept. Yes, a research conducted at George Mason University in Virginia has claimed that AI can tell you the hours of sleep by looking at your activities. Center and Artificial Intelligence technology have been used for this research.

About 123 people of 24 years of age were included in this research. Motion sensors were installed in the bodies of these people. The sensor data was sent to an AI learning algorithm that taught about 100 different moves.

It was identified in research

This study states that if a person's hips move more while walking. If a person's body is bent too much or his feet do not hit the ground evenly while walking, then understand that such a person did not get enough sleep. Compared to normal people, there was a significant change in the behavior of those who slept less. The steps of such people were very tiring. The research was led by University Professor Joel Martin and is reported in the journal Sleep Science.

How do you know if you've had a bad night's sleep?

If you have not got enough and good sleep at night, its effect will be clearly visible on your face. People can tell the hours of your sleep by looking at the freshness of your face. People who sleep less often feel lethargic even after waking up in the morning. Such people yawn a lot. There will be irritability in nature. Due to lack of sleep, laziness persists throughout the day. Fatigue persists and there is difficulty in concentrating on anything.