Friday , April 19 2024

After the debut of Sarfaraz Khan, a special call came, know who is that person?

The third match of the 5-match Test series is being played between India and England. This match is being played at Niranjan Shah Stadium in Rajkot from 15th February. India's explosive batsman Sarfaraz Khan got a chance to debut in this match. This batsman was waiting to play Test for Team India for a long time, finally this batsman has got a chance to play for India. After Sarfaraz Khan's debut, he received a unique phone call, the recording of which has surfaced on social media. Let us tell you who is the person with whom Sarfaraz Khan's conversation is going viral.

'Unique congratulations to Sarfaraz'

Sarfaraz Khan has performed brilliantly after his debut in the Rajkot Test being played between India and England. Sarfaraz played an inning of 62 runs on 66 balls in the first innings of this match. During this innings, the batsman has also hit 9 fours and one six. When Sarfaraz Khan could not make a place in the team for a long time, he became the talk of the town and fans started demanding the inclusion of this player in the team. Now that he has got a chance to debut, everyone is congratulating him. Meanwhile, a unique call has come to congratulate Sarfaraz Khan.

'I was scared'

After the end of the first day's play, Sarfaraz Khan got a call from his brother, who was playing for Under-19. Meanwhile, Sarfaraz and his brother Musheer Khan discussed the batsman's debut and performance in the first innings. Sarfaraz Khan asked his brother how I was playing. Musheer replied that he was playing very well. Musheer said, although at one point I was afraid that you would be out. Musheer said that I was scared when you played the sweep shot. Sarfaraz also showed his brother his cap, which he had received in the debut match.

'Soon you too will come to play'

Sarfaraz Khan showed the cap to his brother and said that one day you too will come here to play. He said that whenever I feel sad, I watch my brother playing. Because he also plays in my style. Let us tell you that India may have lost in the final of the Under-19 World Cup, but Musheer Khan has shown his talent. Musheer Khan also scored 2 centuries in this World Cup and took his team to the final. In such a situation, he showed the fans with his performance that he can debut for the Indian team soon. There came a moment when Musheer became the highest run-scorer in this World Cup, although he was later overtaken by Indian team captain Uday Sahara.