Wednesday , July 24 2024

After the accident, Mihir called his girlfriend 40 times

Mihir Shah, who ran away after hitting a scooter-riding couple with his BMW car, had talked to his girlfriend on the phone not once or twice but 40 times. Mihir left his car and took a rickshaw to go to his girlfriend's house.

The police have now said that Mihir's girlfriend may be detained for questioning. The 24-year-old son of a Shiv Sena (Shinde Group) leader hit a scooter with his car. In the accident, scooter rider Kaveri Nakhwa (45 years) died and her husband was injured. After the accident, Mihir left the car and took a rickshaw to his girlfriend's house. His girlfriend called Mihir's sister who reached Goregaon and brought Mihir and his friends to her house in Borivali. Then Mihir's family went to a resort in Shahpur. Mihir, his mother Meena Shah, sister Kinjal and Puja, two friends were staying at the resort. On Monday evening, Mihir left for Virar from Shahpur resort with his friend and his friend turned on his phone for 15 minutes and was caught.

Mihir's father was expelled from Shiv Sena

Mihir Shah's father Rajesh Shah has been expelled from Shiv Sena (Shinde faction). Shiv Sena has taken this action after Mihir's arrest. Rajesh Shah was the deputy leader of Shiv Sena. This development has come to light when a few days ago Mihir's father was also arrested in a hit-and-run case and was released on bail. Mihir was arrested on Tuesday.

Mihir got seven days remand

Mihir Shah, the prime accused in the BMW hit and run case, has been granted police remand till July 16. The police produced the accused in court and sought remand and the court sent Mihir on police remand for seven days so that Mihir Shah can be questioned. The police have prepared their questions so that Mihir can be questioned in these seven days. According to the police, the entire incident between the entry into the bar on Saturday night and the accident on Sunday morning has not been revealed yet.