Wednesday , July 24 2024

After Pushpa Two, the third part of the film will also come

Mumbai: The second part of the film 'Pushpa' is going to be released in August, but the third part will also come after that, this has been indicated by the film's hero Allu Arjun himself.

The first part was released with the name 'Pushpa The Rise'. The second part is coming with the name 'Pushpa The Rule'. The climax of the first part has indicated that the second part will mainly see a clash between Allu Arjun and Fahadh Faasil.

However, there is still speculation about the story of the third part. Allu Arjun said in a conversation that the third part of 'Pushpa' is certain to come. We are turning this film into an extended franchise. we have many stories

Thoughts are there and this universe will continue to expand.

As hinted by Allu Arjun, the third installment of 'Pushpa' may include more stars in the cast.

The second part of 'Pushpa' is coming later than expected. The filmmakers were not satisfied with some scenes of the first film, so they re-shot the entire sequel. After this, Allu Arjun could not participate in the shooting due to his health reasons. Due to all these reasons the shooting was delayed.

However, now the official announcement of the film's release in August has been made.