Friday , April 19 2024

After Paytm, RBI action may also be taken against these banks, fear of money laundering

Reserve Bank of India has taken major action by banning Paytm. Now after this action, news is coming that RBI may take some major action soon.

According to reports, like Paytm, action may also be taken against some other payment banks. There is a fear of money laundering in this. The Financial Intelligence Unit has found about 50 thousand accounts in many other payment banks, where KYC verification has not been done.

There is a possibility of money laundering and suspicious transactions. On January 31, the Reserve Bank of India imposed several restrictions on Paytm Payments Bank Limited due to multiple regulatory violations.

Apart from Paytm Payments Bank, around 30,000 accounts in other payment banks have been sent to RBI for further investigation. RBI is currently investigating these accounts. He has asked for additional information.

These banks have made many mistakes. This includes issues like non-reporting of suspicious transactions, non-maintenance of records, registration of multiple users with the same PAN number.

FIU, the finance ministry's intelligence arm, will send a detailed report on vulnerabilities affecting payments banks before March 31. According to the report, there are 175,000 accounts that have compliance issues. Out of which 50 thousand have been found involved in suspicious activities. It was used for money laundering.