Thursday , April 18 2024

After border sealing, petrol pumps became empty, business stopped, loss worth crores

Jhajjar, 16 February (HS). Traders are facing huge losses due to the sealing of Tikri border and Sector-9 turn due to farmers' agitation for four days. At Tikri border in Delhi border where petrol and CNG pumps are closed. At the same time, in Bahadurgarh, the business of shopkeepers on both sides from Sector-9 More to Tikri Border has come to a standstill.

Due to closure of pumps at Tikari border, the operators are incurring a loss of more than Rs 2.25 crore per day. Besides, the employees working at petrol pumps are also worried about losing their jobs. Petrol pumps remain empty.

There are five petrol and CNG pumps on both sides of Tikri border. Rinku Singh and Vicky, who work at a petrol pump, said that now no vehicles are coming here. Employees stand idle the whole day. The petrol pump owner is facing a loss of lakhs of rupees and some laborers working here have also been sent back. Employees have started worrying about their jobs. There is no idea how long the farmer movement will last.

He said that last time also the owner had suffered a loss of crores of rupees due to the Petrop pump being closed for one and a quarter year. Later, when the movement ended and the pump was started, lakhs of rupees had to be spent to repair it. He says that completely closing the road is not a solution to the problem. The government and farmers should sit and talk and find a solution. Due to closure of roads, common people are facing more problems.

Five petrol and CNG pumps located on Tikri border

There are five petrol and CNG pumps on both sides of Tikri border. These pumps were crowded throughout the day on normal days. Now they lie deserted. Employees working at the petrol pump told that gas worth Rs 5 lakh was sold daily at one pump. While diesel and petrol were sold for Rs 4 lakh, the machines have been stalled for four days. Overall, there was a business of Rs 45 lakh per day at the five pumps located on the Tikri border. There has been a loss of more than Rs 2.25 crore in four days.