Sunday , May 19 2024

After 8 months, 3 nurses accused of sticking tape on the mouth of a newborn baby

Mumbai: A ten to twelve day old newborn baby was taped on the mouth at the Savitribai Pool Maternity Hospital run by the Municipal Corporation in Bhandup. The nurses told that this was done because the child was crying a lot. The incident happened in May last year. After this, recently the State Human Rights Commission summoned the municipality and the police in this matter, finally the Bhandup police took action in this matter and registered a crime against three nurses.

According to more information received in this regard, Priya Kamble, resident of Badlapur, gave birth to a child at Phule Maternity Hospital on 20 May 2023. The baby was healthy at the time of delivery, but after a few days when her body started turning pale, Priya brought her to the hospital. Initially the child was not admitted but the doctors did not see any difference in the child's health and he was admitted to the hospital.

The baby was kept in the pediatric ICU. When the woman went to feed her baby, it felt as if a pacifier had been pasted over her mouth. When he asked the nurse about this, she said that this was done because the baby was crying a lot and said that this is a common thing in NICU. Then the woman did not say anything. However, they saw such a sight the next day also. By repeatedly pasting the tape like this, the child's skin turned red. The woman informed her husband and he admitted the child to another hospital.

After some time, this entire incident was complained to the Human Rights Commission. After this, recently the Commission had sent summons to Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Mumbai Police in this regard. The police heeded the summons and eventually registered a case against three nurses named Savita Bhoir, Shweta and Shraddha at Bhandup police station under section (care and protection of children) of the Juvenile Justice Act.