Afghanistan: Fight between ethnic groups in Afghanistan, Taliban blames ‘democracy’

Afghanistan (Afghanistan) defended the internal strife, saying the reason behind it was ethnic conflict, inherited by their government. He called for democracy (Democracy in Afghanistan) is also held responsible. The Taliban said that now democracy has died in the country. The country’s Faryab province has been in turmoil after Pashtun-caste Taliban commanders were instructed to remain unarmed. Taliban (TalibanThe organization’s spokesperson Inamullah Samangani has responded to the reports of discord within.

The spokesman said in a Twitter post that the increasing ethnic conflict in Afghanistan is because “the country had democracy, and because of that ethnic conflict is being seen.” He said that now democracy has ended and its supporters are trying to create anarchy (Ethnic Groups Fight). The spokesman said pro-democracy blames the Taliban for giving primacy to a single ethnicity and therefore creates divisions among the Afghan population. This has been said by the Taliban at a time when there are protests against it in the northern provinces. People have accused the Taliban of racial discrimination and atrocities.

Taliban commander arrested

People have taken to the streets in Faryab since Uzbek Taliban fighters arrested a local Pashtun Taliban commander in Balkh province. A similar situation was seen in the 1990s as well. However, the Taliban blames pro-democracy supporters for the conflict between ethnic groups (Protests in Afghanistan). The Taliban are largely comprised of Pashtuns, and after seizing power, minorities and other ethnic groups are expected to be threatened by the majority Pashtun ethnic Taliban.

Taliban fighters fight

A similar situation arose in the mid-1990s. Due to which the ethnic groups clashed among themselves. Uzbeks, Tajiks and other groups dominate the northern region of Afghanistan and oppose the Pashtun Taliban leadership. Only a minority of Taliban fighters in the northern region have taken up arms and started an insurgency against the Taliban (Afghanistan Taliban Conflict). All this is happening at a time when the economic condition of Afghanistan is very bad. Local media say at least four people have been killed and several others injured in fighting between the Pashtun and Uzbek Taliban.