Thursday , April 18 2024

Addiction is a curse for the entire humanity, it affects not only the individual but the family as well: Governor

Dehradun, 17 February (HS). The Governor said that drug addiction is such an evil, which not only affects the health of the individual but also affects the development of his family, society and country. It is a curse for the entire humanity.

On Saturday, Governor Lieutenant General Gurmeet Singh (Seni) launched Brahma Kumari Prajapita's “Drug Free India Campaign” in Uttarakhand from Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya, Dehradun branch.

The Governor said that the resolution taken by the Brahma Kumaris organization for de-addiction for the benefit of society is commendable. He said that addiction and drug abuse not only harm health but also affect mental, economic and social life. Therefore, efforts should be made by all of us together to free the society from drug addiction.

The Governor said that many youth are ruining their future by becoming victims of bad addictions. Along with this, they are also moving forward on the path of crime which is a matter of concern for us. Today, there is a need that the entire society should make responsible collective efforts in this direction to give a new life to the drug addicts, especially the youth, by showing them the right path.

He said that the state government has also set a target of making the state drug free by 2025. With the cooperation of such organizations, this work will definitely be successful. The Governor said that everyone's cooperation is needed to eliminate the drug network so that this evil can be completely eradicated from the society.

The Governor said that it is a matter of happiness that Brahma Kumaris organization is doing social and spiritual empowerment of people in 140 countries of the world. The Brahma Kumaris organization has done a lot of work to bring change in the society. Be it drug-free campaign or cleanliness campaign or water conservation campaign, the organization has contributed in spreading awareness in the society.

The Governor has expressed confidence that if we all work together in a collective spirit for the success of this mission, then we will definitely be successful in creating a drug-free society. On this occasion, President of the institute Brahmakumari Manju welcomed the people present. Rajyogi Dr. Banarasi Lal, Brahma Kumari Meena and others were present in the program.