Saturday , July 13 2024

ACM inspected the ticket counter and gave necessary instructions

Saharsa, 17 June (HS). On the arrival of ACM of Samastipur division in Saharsa, ticket checking system has been increased on all railway sections. On Monday, ACM RK Sinha and Samastipur DCI Rajesh Ranjan Srivastava conducted a special checking campaign at the junction of Janaki Express going from Jaynagar to Manihari.

During the checking, panic was created among the passengers travelling illegally in the ladies coach, Divyang coach and SLR coach, after which checking campaign was also conducted in Garib Rath Intercity Express and Janhit Express.

Seeing the crowd of labour passengers at the junction, SCM RK Sinha and DCI Rajesh Ranjan Srivastava along with other railway officials inspected the ticket counter. Also, in view of the crowd, instructions have been issued to open all the ticket counters. Apart from this, instructions have also been issued to make continuous announcements. At the same time, passengers have been advised not to sit on the foot over bridge.

Passengers have also been advised to use the foot over bridge while changing platforms. Instructions have also been issued to inform passengers about this through announcements. Railway officials also inspected the drinking water and water coolers for the passengers in view of the heat. However, in view of the crowd, a proposal has been sent by the railway officials on Saturday itself to run a special train between Saharsa and Amritsar.