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According to Vastu, do not put wedding photos in this place of the house even by mistake… otherwise there will be more fights.

Vastu Tips: Every married person wants his married life to be happy. If one wants a happy married life then the couple should spend adequate time with each other. That too in today’s money hungry world, both the couples are juggling jobs. As a result, couples are not able to spend enough time with their partners. Many times, due to excessive stress, attraction towards the spouse starts decreasing. The reason for this is not only physical and mental problems but also some Vaastu defects present in the house. Yes, if there is Vaastu defect in a house then there is more flow of negative energy in that house. As a result, various types of problems will start coming in the house. That too, some wrong work done by us in the house can cause Vaastu defects and can create disturbance in marital life. In such a situation, if you know some of the things mentioned in Vastu Shastra to make your married life happy and avoid those mistakes, then your married life will definitely be sweet. Placing the bed in the wrong direction Vastu Shastra has a deep connection with married life. According to Vastu, North-West and North direction are associated with happy married life. If the life of a married couple is to be happy, then the couple’s bed should be in this direction. If so, then it will bring sweetness and satisfaction in married life. The bedroom should be clean. For a happy married life, do not keep work related things like books, laptop in the bedroom. The bedroom should be clean. Also, keeping delicate flowers in the bedroom will strengthen the bond and relationship between the couple. Do not sleep with your head in the north direction. Generally, one should not sleep with the head in the north direction. According to Vastu Shastra, sleeping with head towards north affects marital life. This also causes health related problems. If both husband and wife sleep with their heads in this direction, it causes extreme fatigue and marital life is affected. In which direction should one sleep with their heads? For a successful married life, married couples should sleep with their heads towards the south. This will deepen the relationship between the couple. And in this way sleeping increases happiness in married life. Where to keep wedding photos? Most people have the habit of keeping their wedding photos framed at home. If you also do this, then place that wedding photo in the right direction. Otherwise, it will increase problems between the couple. East direction is best for keeping wedding photos in the bedroom. Apart from this, South West is the best direction for placing family photos. Keeping it like this increases positive energy in the bedroom and increases the bond between the couple.

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