Friday , June 14 2024

According to the report of South China Morning Post, China settled 3 new villages on the disputed border with Bhutan

On one hand, China keeps claiming to improve relations by talking to neighboring countries, while on the other hand it does not give up its activities on the border. Neighboring country Bhutan is having such experience. According to a report published in Hong Kong's 'South China Morning Post', China has settled 3 villages on the disputed border of Bhutan.

At a time when India and Bhutan are planning infrastructure development, China's move shows that it is not keen to improve strained relations. In 2017, China also tried to build a road in Doklam near Siliguri Corridor. Due to heavy pressure from India, China had to bow down in Doklam. The report further said that families of about 18 Chinese citizens are waiting to enter the houses built in the disputed area.

China has been in dispute with Bhutan for years regarding where houses have been built in Bhutan. Satellite images from US-based Maxar Technology have confirmed the new settlement near the border. Not only in Doklam or Nepal border, but also in the border areas of the autonomous region of Tibet, new human settlements are being built for years. In December last year, 38 families settled in Shigatse, Tibet.