Sunday , May 19 2024

A stranger paid Sonu Sood's bill in the restaurant, thanked him for the good work

People around the world are not tired of praising actor Sonu Sood for the good work he has done for people during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sonu Sood is one of the most powerful actors in the film industry. Sonu Sood, who won everyone's hearts with his generosity, is once again in the headlines. During the Corona epidemic, he helped the poor, migrant workers and laborers, after which he came to be called the messiah of the people. Meanwhile, now a stranger has done something for Sonu Sood, due to which the actor has become happy and he has shared a lovely reaction note.

A stranger paid Sonu Sood's dinner bill, what was the reason?  Actor said- 'I don't know who did it but...' - why a stranger paid sonu sood dinner bill what

People associated with the film industry also supported Sonu Sood in this noble cause. After this initiative, Sonu has gained a huge fan base who often do something for the actor, due to which he is always in the headlines. Recently, Sonu Sood has shared a post on social media, in which he has shown a glimpse of a note written for him by an unknown person. This post of actor Sonu Sood is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Sonu Sood has shared a post on his social media account. In this post, he told that an unknown person paid the entire bill for the dinner in the restaurant and left a lovely note for him. In this note, Sonu's good work has been appreciated. In the post, Sonu has also shared this note and a glimpse of the restaurant.

Sharing the picture, Sonu Sood wrote, 'I don't know who did this… but someone paid the bill for our dinner in the restaurant and left a note… I am very happy to see so much love for me. Thanks friend…this all means a lot to me.