Tuesday , June 18 2024

A newly married wife should not say these things, it can create a rift in the relationship?

Relationship Mistakes: When you are newly married, every moment is special. This is the time when couples get a chance to understand each other better. In such a situation, there is less scope for mistakes. There are some things that should not be said at the beginning of a relationship, because this can create a rift between the two. Let us know what a husband should not say to his new bride.

1. Badmouthing the girl's parents

For a girl, her parents are very close to her heart, so you should not make any bad or nasty comments against them, as this can hurt the newly-wed wife. The husband should remember that if he respects his in-laws, then only the bride will respect her in-laws.

2. Asking about your ex-partner

It is not right to ask any girl about her past relationships. If something has ended, then it would be foolish to unnecessarily dig up old things. It is better that you focus on your relationship, and give so much love and respect to the new bride, that she does not remember the bitterness of the past relationships.

3. Badmouthing your friends

There is no doubt that after marriage a girl should pay more attention to her new family, but this does not mean that the value of friends decreases. If you say bad things about your wife's friends, forbid her from meeting them or ask her to block all friends on social media, then this method is not right.

4. Expressing disappointment about the marriage

You may have had many dreams for your married life, but it is not necessary that all of them come true. It is not necessary that your wife will be according to your expectations. In such a situation, do not get disappointed and say, “I should not have done this marriage.” You have to accept the truth.