Wednesday , July 24 2024

80 countries support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, 12 countries including India did not sign

Ukraine Peace Summit: The Ukraine peace summit was held in Switzerland. In which 80 countries of the world signed the agreement making the condition of maintaining the territorial integrity of Ukraine the main basis for ending the war, but 12 countries including India did not sign the peace documents expressing fear of conflict. Russia and China also stayed away.

India is in favour of peace through dialogue

India has made it clear that it is in favour of peace through dialogue in Ukraine. There is friendship between India and Russia. India wants peace, but not one-sidedly. It is worth noting that Russia was not included in the Ukraine peace summit. That is why India had to adopt this attitude. India wants Russia and Ukraine to come on one platform before reaching any conclusion. Most of the western countries including America and major developing countries participated in it. The final document prepared after two days of deliberations includes many issues including nuclear security, food security as well as the status of territorial integrity.

12 countries did not sign it

Considering some points of this final document as unclear, 12 countries including India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE did not sign it. Brazil, which was participating in the summit as an observer, also did not sign the final document (joint statement), but Turkey, which has played the role of mediator between Russia and Ukraine on several occasions, signed it. The Indian delegation participated in the opening and closing sessions of the summit.