54 recruits who became part of Indian Army undergo 42 weeks of rigorous training in 39 GTCs before passing out parade

The 54 recruits who became part of the Indian Army underwent 42 weeks of rigorous training in 39 GTCs before the passing out parade. He learned that even in difficult circumstances, he would live and die for the country. Enemies will never bow their heads in front of the country and if needed to protect the land of India, they will be martyred laughing. After the passing out parade to the tune of the Gorkha Regiment’s pipe band, the recruits reached Smriti Dham and paid tribute to the martyrs.

At the same time, while congratulating the recruits, Brigadier Rajiv Naviyal said that a soldier should always pay serious attention to discipline, his fitness and proper maintenance of weapons. In the face of adversity, one should keep the spirit high and be filled with the spirit of patriotism. The focus should be on getting a good education and learning something new everyday. The Brigadier said that with the changing environment, there is a change in the method of warfare and the soldier should be proficient in the technique. NCC cadets, students of various schools, army officers and relatives of recruits were present in the passing out parade program.

These recruits were rewarded after the parade

Best in Drill – Siddharth Katuwal

Best in Tactics – Dinchen Tamang

Best in Combat Obstetric Course – Entrance Zone

Best in Firing – Sanjog Sarki

Best in Bennett and Khukri Fighting – Pemsangay Tamang

Best in BPET – Avinash Rai

Second All Round Best – Entrance Zone

All Round Best Key – Roshan Bahadur Kshetri