Saturday , July 13 2024

52 year old woman runs 1000 km in 12 days to shame the youth

Marathon: A 52-year-old woman did a daring act that puts the youth to shame. Natalie Dow, who achieved a great feat by running 1000 km in just 12 days, is now waiting for the Guinness World Record certificate. She completed the huge journey of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in just 12 days. During this, she had to face many difficulties. Due to the intense heat, Dow's shoes also melted.

The historic visit ended in Singapore on June 5

Downey, 52, ended her historic journey in Singapore on June 5. “Today, for the first time in four days, I have asked myself: 'Have I really done it?' I love the challenges of sport but hate the constant challenges,” Natalie Dow said.

Even Dow's shoes melted in the scorching heat

He said, it does not matter whether you come first or last. You have done what 0.05 percent of the world's population will never be able to do. The special thing is that Natalie Dow had to face temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius while running. She has been suffering from a back injury since day one and even her shoes have melted. Not only this, she suffered from UTI on the third day itself.

Raised over $50,000 for global charity GRLS

However, it has raised more than 50 thousand dollars for the global charity GRLS. It helps to discover the talent of women through sports. Dho covers a distance of at least 84 km every day. Meanwhile, she is constantly in touch with her supporters. Apart from this, her team has also played an important role in her safety and success.