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3 new criminal laws will come into effect from July 1, Home Ministry issued notification

Three new laws will come into effect from July 1 to completely change the criminal justice system in the country. These three laws are the Indian Judicial Code, the Indian Civil Protection Code and the Indian Evidence Act. These three laws were approved by the Parliament on September 21 last year. After which President Draupadi Murmu also approved him on 25 December.

British era laws will be abolished

Three new criminal laws will come into force from July 1. The Central Government has issued a notification in this regard today. It said that three new criminal laws will come into force from July 1, replacing the British-era Indian Penal Code (IPC), Indian Evidence Act and Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). These three new criminal laws are the Indian Penal Code, the Indian Civil Defense Code and the Indian Evidence Act.

The punishment for these crimes will be severe

It is noteworthy that these three bills have been passed by both the houses of the Parliament during the winter session. Later, President Draupadi Murmu approved all three new criminal law bills. After getting the assent of the President, they were made law. These three laws will replace the Indian Evidence Act 1872, Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 and IPC. According to experts, the three new laws will make the punishment stricter for crimes like terrorism, mob lynching and crimes that threaten national security.

what changed?

IPC: Which action is a crime and what is the punishment? This is determined by the IPC. Now it will be called the Indian Judiciary Code. IPC had 511 sections, while BNS will have 358 sections. 21 new crimes have been added. The imprisonment period has been increased in 41 crimes. The penalty has been increased in 82 crimes. There is a provision for mandatory minimum punishment in 25 crimes. 6 Offenses will be punishable by community service. Whereas 19 sections have been removed.

CrPC: The procedure for arrest, investigation and prosecution is explained in CrPC. There were 484 sections in CrPC. Now there will be 531 sections in the Indian Civil Defense Code. 177 sections were changed. 9 new divisions have been added and 14 have been abolished.

Indian Evidence Act: How the facts of the case will be proved, how statements will be recorded, all this is included in the Indian Evidence Act. Earlier it had 167 divisions. There will be 170 sections in the Indian Evidence Code. 24 houses have been modified. Two new sections have been added.